My Philosophy of Education

Dear Reader,

I have always considered myself an eclectic homeschooler but this year I am reading more and moving more in a Charlotte Mason-y direction. I have been rethinking how and why we educate our kids as we do.  Here is what I;ve got so far:

Philosophy of education

The goals of education are:
First and foremost to know God
also to know His creation
to know ourselves
To equip us to do the things He calls or may call us to do
To equip us to be good stewards of the things He has given us
To learn to use and improve the talents He has given us

We study Bible because it is God’s Word. It tells us about Him and ourselves and what he requires of us.

We study language (grammar, spelling, writing, speech, reading) to learn good communication. This is both to understand the communications of others and to become good communicators ourselves. Poor communication hinders even the best message. Good communication is important to most areas of endeavor, most importantly to fulfill the great commission (to tell others about Christ) and to build personal realtionships. God chooses to reveal Himself to us primarily through words (Christ Himself is the Word of God). Language and words have more power than we usually recognize.

We study math so that we will be prepared to be good stewards of all God has given us. Good financial stewardship is impossible without good mathematical training. Math is also necessary to many other tasks we may need to perform, eg. dosing insulin, cooking. Furthermore, in studying math we learn principles that God has built into His creation. In math we see most clearly the timelessness of truth. 2+2 always equals 4. Math shows us that truth does not change. Math also shows us the orderliness and perfection of creation and therefore of its Creator. Math enables us to understand our infinite God.

History is the story of God’s working in humanity. It shows us God’s character and how He operates. It shows us human failings as well as virtues. It gives us examples to follow and examples to avoid. It helps us understand the issue sof our day so we may may informed decisions.

Science is the study of God’s creation. From the creation we learn about the Creator. His character is seen in His creation.

The beauty found in the arts reflects the beauty of God’s work. Trends in the arts also parallel trends in society and thought so they aid in our study of history. Arts give us another way to express our ideas.

Literature aids in our study of history. Literature helps us to explore ideas. It also gives us examples, good and bad.

Geography helps us to understand history and current events.

That’s what I have so far. What areas am I forgetting?


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  1. […] why we are studying each. I posted long ago on our own philosophy of education that I came up with here. I won’t reiterate here what I came up with for each area. But here are some general […]


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