Charlotte Mason and Reformed Theology

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We have homeschooled our kids all along (the oldest turns 10 this week). Up until this point I would have called myself an ecclectic homeschooler. I liked bits and pieces of lots of philosophies but no one approach won my heart. Lately, however, I have been reading more on the Charlotte Mason style and I really like what I am finding. When I had first read about different styles, I had equated Charlotte Mason with narration. This is certainly an aspect of what she promoted but is hardly her whole philosphy. In this way I think the Charlotte Mason method is a lot like Reformed Theology. I am a Calvinist, an adherent of Reformed Christianity. When I first became a believer, when someone talked to me about Calvinism, I though “predestination,” and I immediately rejected the idea. As I learned more, however, I found that the core of reformed thought is really the sovereignty of God. Predestination is an outcome of that but not the heart of it. When you start with the sovereignty of God, predestination and a lot of other things then make a lot more sense when you follow the chain of logic. Something similar happens with Charlotte Mason. I had originally had a knee-jerk reaction to it, saying, “oh, that is just narration. That sounds tedious; I don’t want to do it.” But as I read more I find that Miss Mason’s ideas have a much more solid theoretical foundation on her view of children and how they learn. Narration is an outcome of these views but not the core principle.


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