Dear Reader,

I love the concept of stewardship. I find it is a great thing to teach children and makes so many other rules explainable. Stewardship, as I am defining it, is viewing the things we have as God’s, on loan to us to care for for a time. It is like in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 where a master goes on a long trip and leaves each of his servamts in charge of a portion of his estate. God has given us all many things to be in charge of. Some are common to all of us–our live and our bodies and our money and homes. Some are for some people but not others–spouses and families and especially children. The lists could be endless.

As it relates to my kids, I see stewardship as a really good why to explain to them why they should and shouldn’t do certain things. Why can’t they have cookies eery day for breakfast? Because that is unhealthy. It is not being a good steward of their bodies. Why shouldn’t they engage in risky behavior like riding their bikes off cliffs or even riding without a helmet? Because that is being  a bad steward of their lives. The same principles can apply to our money and home and posessions. We should not waste them, but we can use them to God’s glory and even  for our pleasure as long as we use them wisely. There are a lot of areas of life for which the Bible does not give us specific rules, but when we view everything in our care as ultimately God’s, we can come up with logical, God-honoring principles for using them.

 The concept of stewardship is also how I view my responsibility for my daughter’s type 1 diabetes. When she is grown, it will be her task to manage it, but for now that job belongs to my husband and me. I have written previously on how hard it can be to get those blood sugar numbers in the right range and keep them there. It is very stressful for parents to try to control this thing with so many uncontrollable, unpredictable variables. You lose sleep and do everything you can and sometimes there are still bad numbers. And over time those bad numbers can do real damage to your child’s body. When I view myself as a steward of my daughter’s disease, I still do everything I can to keep her where she needs to be. But I know that the results are ultimatly not up to me. I can do everything right, and there will still be times when the numbers are bad. As with many things in life, we need to do our assigned tasks and not fret too much about the reults. Our job is to do our job and the end results are in God’s hands.



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