Telephone Wire vs. Spiderweb

Dear Reader,

In our attempt to be more Charlotte Mason-y in our homeschool, we are reading through Edward Way Teale’s Circle of the Seasons. It is basically his account of his own nature walks, one entry for each day of the year. In a recent entry, Mr. Teale compares a telephone wire and a spiderweb. But have utility. They have a purpose. But only the latter has beauty. It is a simple observation, but it made me wonder about all the ways that our creations differ from God’s. He made us in His image and I think part of this is giving us the ability to create, not from nothing as He does but nonetheless to create. Yet so often, we are better at destroying. And when we do create, the beauty of our creations is either nonexistent or pales in comparison to His own. Now I know that not everything man creates is without beauty. I have a friend who recently took a job designing floor mats such as one might use in the kitchen. It amazes me that products like this, millions of them out there, not even high end ones in this case, have someone behind them creating their patterns, thinking about what works and doesn’t work and what will look best. Certainly, some human artists have created works of great beauty. But even these are often just an attempt on out part to capture the beauty that God first created. And His is so prolific and often functional as well, like the spiderweb. I have anther friend who has to draw 25 plants a week for a class. She says it is hard to sketch that much every week. But just look at all God has created. Millions of plants. Each unique in some way. Each with its own function and beauty. We can never hope to match a fraction of that. I am not arguing that we should stop trying. God created us so that we could also create. But we should be overawed and humbled by how poor our efforts appear next to the smallest of His works.



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