Funny Things My Kids Have Said

Dear Reader,

I don’t post personal things very much. But I am making an exception.

We are studying American History and are up to the 1990s (woo-hoo!). I was having the kids draw pictures of events so we could post them on our timeline. I told my almost 7yo to draw a picture for the Persian Gulf War. I figured he is good at guns and things and that would be for the war. I would write the words. When he handed it back to me, the picture did not look like guns. It looked like a bent stick and a ball. I asked him, “What is this a picture of?” He said, “That’s the golf.”

Which reminds me of way back when when we were studying the Monroe Doctrine. I was reading a book about it to my older kids, sitting on the couch and the little one snuggling me. I explained to them that President Monroe wanted the Europeans to stay in their own part of the world. I said that it is like if you are playing in a sandbox with someone else and you want each of you to have your own space so you tell the other guy (and here I raised my voice to demonstrate): “You just stay on your own side. That’s your space and this is my space and you just stay away!”. My then 4yo who was sitting snuggled up next to me looked up and me and began to bawl. It took quite a long time to console her. She though I was yelling at her. It probably didn’t help that I was now laughing at her too.

The following two events happened in the same week (incredible but true):

We were swimming in the pool. The kids were taking turns with me having piggy back rides around the pool. My then 6yo asked for a “front piggy back ride.” I said, “That is an oxymoron.” He replied, “Then can I have an oxymoron?”

My then 4yo saw me trying to pry apart two cups that were stuck together. She came over and asked for a glass or rootbeer. I said, “No, we don’t have any rootbeer.” Then focusing on the stuck cups, I added, “I have a dilemma.” So she said, “Can I have some dilemma?”

Now back to the theology.


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  1. Have you read that book called The American Sandbox Dictionary yet? Look it up at Its kinda relevant to what you are saying here. Good write up!


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