When I Most Hate Diabetes

Dear Reader,

I actually wrote this post a month or two ago but it still holds true. Since then diabetes has actually turned 7. We didn’t have cake but diabetes did get to choose what to have for dinner (pancakes; always a dinner and not a breakfast food around here because that many carbs don’t work well in the AM and cake on top of it seemed like a bit much). Diabetes also got  a small present–a kit for making pompom bugs. And now, without further ado, here is the actual post . . .

I most hate diabetes on Sabbath mornings. I don’t think there is a single Sunday morning worship service when I haven’t checked my dd’s blood sugar. And she has had this disease for almost 7 years!! How many services is that? Today was particularly bad. Her bg was 400 before we left for service. I know that was due to a high carb breakfast and not pre-bolusing. Her numbers during service were actually not bad. They ranged from 175 to 225 or so. A little high but way better than 400. But she felt bad the whole time. So she kept signaling me and I kept checking. Now, being distracted during service is not new to me. I have 4 kids now ages 10 through 5. They mostly sit well through service but that hasn’t been the case for very long. If it weren’t for D, I still would have had plenty of distraction in the past 7 years. It is the nature of the distraction I think. That this evil thing is interfering with our worship. That my dd almost never seems to just feel well for an hour and   a half on Sunday mornings. Plenty of other times she has been places for that length of time and not had to check herself at all. Her art class comes to mind. She goes through many art classes without checking and is just fine. But worship seems to bring out the bad numbers. I hate it for myself but I hate it more for her. Is she going to come to associate worship with feeling bad? She needs to worship too. Will she ever be able to just do that without diabetes interrupting life? The only up side I can think of is that diabetes is I guess doing part of what it is supposed to do–making us long for that time and place when all disease and sorrow will be wiped away. Maybe that is why it bothers me so much. Sunday worship is supposed to be a little taste of what waits us in eternity but instead it ends up as a reminder of the infirmities of this life.



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  1. Hmmm…is the preparation for Sabbath particularly stressful? Stress is one of the big ones that shoots the readings up for most diabetics. (Other than food, of course 🙂 Being home schooled, you probably know which breakfasts keep things most stable. I suggest being as prepared as possible the night before eg clothes, food, etc for family, (you probably already do this) Keep things as normal as possible. I am an adult so it is very hard to compare but I have rarely had to go out of service in the last 25 years, even when our meeting times have changed and we go over till 1pm now. I also find that the Lantus insulin (That is the long acting one I now take) has given me much better long term stability. Is it something you could discuss with the doctors she is under.
    Also, is she fairly emotionally accepting of her disorder? She is eight……she could be seeing it as a good time to get mum’s undivided attention? Diabetes is not “an evil disease”! Truly, there are many worse things that kids can have but we can let it take over our life.
    Do not be weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap, if you faint not.


    • Well, Sabbath preparation is stressful for me. I don;t think it is for my dd. Typically she actually goes low during service. At our old church she would go low during morning service and high during evening service. Currently, we are not having an evening service but have begun Sabbath school before church. I don’t know why but this seems to have helped. Her numbers have been better Sunday mornings. She does get a small chocolate bar at the end of class for doing her memory verse so maybe this helps keep her stable??
      I have sometimes thought too that ir is an attention or maybe a boredom thing. I know my other kids will sometimes need to use the bathroom an inordinate number of times during service.
      Another aspect is that I need to know how much to trust her feelings about her blood sugar. Often she will say she feels low when she is dropping so that she feels bad before she has numbers to back it up. Sometimes I will even end up checking her a few times and getting numbers like 200 and she will keep insisting she feels low. And then finally after a few checks I will get an 80 or something that shows she was falling fast. I guess it is just hard to know when I should go with her gut feeling.

      I know diabetes is far from the worst thing out there. I do think it is evil though in the sense that it is a consequence of the Fall. But I know that God uses even the evil things in His people’s lives for good.


  2. Of course, Diabetes is a part of the curse on our bodies at the Fall 🙂
    But your daughter needs to know she has a condition which is managable and Lord willing will not prevent her doing all she wishes to do in her life.
    Funny about the children going out during the service. It was always a no-no for ours growing up but recently with two large families coming (one has since left) the traffic going in and out was amazing. The thing is they were all home schooled and I did wonder whether our children just are not good at “hanging on” since they don’t have that wait at home all day.
    That chocolate after the Sunday School indicates she needs to have a snack at that time so good idea. And yes, from a very young age, I could always feel the symptoms of a low coming on. BTW we use millimols here for reading the BSLs so the numbers are quite different. 4-8 being normal range.


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