Wifely Submission

Dear Reader,

I heard a wonderful story recently that I think shows how biblical submission of a wife to her husband should work.

I have a friend whose husband forbade her to eat raw cookie dough. Now to many of us this may seem petty. What is he thinking? Is this loving? Or is it overly controlling?

Well, actually, the answer is that though it may seem very small on the surface, this is a loving thing on his part. You see, when he was younger, his mother got very sick from eating something with raw eggs in it. So while it may seem petty to most of us, to him is was very important and he was truly concerned for his wife’s safety.

My friend, though she loved to eat raw cookie dough (who doesn’t?), submitted to her husband’s decision. Meanwhile, she looked up statistics. She went online and found numbers that show that the odds of getting really ill from eating raw eggs this way are very low. And she showed these numbers to her husband. And he changed his mind. She did also find out how to tell if eggs are not so fresh and says she will not eat them if they show signs of being old.

So what good principles are in here? First, don’t rush to judgment on a husband’s decision. The husband in this case may have seemed petty and unloving at first glance but he had reasons for his position. Now, I am sure there are truly petty, controlling people out there. But I also think that more often we (women) tend to condemn the husband’s decisions without giving the benefit of the doubt that he may have reasons we don’t know about. And even if they are ultimately illogical to us (not that they were in my example), they may be logical to him.

Second, the wife in this story submitted first. Even though she really didn’t want to. She didn’t without submission while she tried to convince her husband. She submitted first (that bears repeating). And while she did so, she came up with logical arguments for her position. And her husband listened. Too often we are scared off by submission because we think it will be a license for our husband’s to walk all over us. But that is not how it worked in this case. The wife’s opinion was not disregarded. He made the decisions but she was able to voice her opinion.

Now in this example, both the wife and husband were acting in a godly manner. This will not always be the case. But our spouse’s lack of faithfulness does not absolve us of the responsibility to do our part. Remember it is not our husband’s we are ultimately submitting to but our Lord. If our husband is unfaithful in his duties, we are not off the hook.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Nice example of working both ways. Loving ~ submitting.


  2. This is a good post, Nebby. Thanks for highlighting it in your comment.


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