Our Homeschool Plans 2012-2013: Together Subjects

Dear Reader,

I posted earlier on our homeschool plans in the subjects my kids do independently (or each other that is; they still often need my help). So now I wanted to share what we are doing for our together work.

I was overwhelmed at first to see that we have eight segments in our homeschool time together, but then I read recently how Charlotte Mason had even the youngest students doing 20-some subjects! I imagine that as for us many of those subjects are very short. I am trying to alternate shorter segments with longer ones that require more listening. Here is the outline of what I want to do:

1. Bible time– this includes prayer, possibly singing a psalm, and some sort of Bible study. We have a few resources we are going to use here. One is a guide through the Bible, . We are in Leviticus and will continue with that. We will also at some point begin James Beeke’s Bible Doctrine for Older Students (see my review here), and we are going to begin the Chronicles of the Ancient Chuch series. And some days we will analyze a psalm on our own. We do just one of these a day, but we alternate which ones.

2. Memory work– I think we are going to alternate Bible memory and map drill in this slot. I am not sure how we will do Bible memory. It is something I have had a lot of qualms about in the past.

3. History– In the past I have saved history till the end of our homeschool time, but it is in many ways the core of what we do, so I want to try getting to it earlier when the children are fresh. In our time together, I will read aloud from our spine book and possibly another book relating to our period. The children will narrate, usually orally, for these readings. This year we are tackling the Middle Ages. I have chosen to use Heritage History’s resources which study the Middle Ages through British history. Our main spines (they recommend using two) will be Our Island Story and The Story of Europe, both by H.E. Marshall. The older children will also read for history as part of their independent work.

4. Spelling and Grammar– Again we will alternate these. We use KISS grammar. When there is a new concept, I introduce it, but basically we just analyze one sentence a day. In the spring we started a new approach to spelling. We are doing it all together using Denise Eide’s The Logic of English as a guide. I introduce the phonemes and rules, and we review the ones we;ve learned. It’s an experiment. We’ll see how it goes.

5. Science or Geography — We will read a different book each day. For geography, we are finishing up Hillyer’s A Child’s Geography. After that we will do a book I got at  a used bookstore called In the Land of the Lion. For science, we are going to go through some of Fleisher’s Secrets of the Universe series. I also have another used bookstore find, Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know, and Clara Dillingham Pierson’s Among the People series. We will also narrate, orally and sometimes in writing, for these subjects.

6. Next comes poetry. No great plans except to read something every day.

7. Art, music, etc.– We will pick one artist per month or two and look at one of their works each week. We plan to start with Da Vinci, Cassatt, and Kandinsky. For music, we will also focus on one composer for a month or so. I will sue this time to introduce them and read a little about their lives. On other days we will continue working through Charlotte Mason’s fourth volume,  Ourselves . This one is different from most of her works. It is like an owner’s manual for your mind. Another day we will read versions of a Shakespeare play (from Lamb or Nesbit’s editions) or work our way through the Arabian Nights.

8. Listen to music– about 10 minutes from our composer of the month. I think we will start with Handel but haven’t gotten beyond that.

Those are the every day things, though I plan to do four days a week on this schedule. The fifth day will be for nature walks and other things. Does it seem overwhelming? It does a little bit to me even though I know most of the segments take 5-10 minutes.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] really stands out to me is the second point, that the child requires a varied educational diet. In my own homeschool this year, I find that we are covering around nine subjects a day apart from the work my children do […]


  2. […] them and we do not limit what is available to them. We are doing more subjects than ever before in our homeschool this year, usually 8 or 9 different things a day. A few at least only take about 5 minutes each but still […]


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