What I Love about a CM Education

Dear Reader,

So the topic of next week’s Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival is what we love about a CM education. I was looking at posts I have done, trying to see if any answer this question. I don’t think I have one post that does because there is not just one thing I love about the CM approach. Instead, I came up with this list:

— I love CM’s approach because it is biblical. Not that I think there is just one biblical approach to education ( see posts here and here), but I think Charlotte’s thinking is in line with general biblical principles, especially principles about who children are and what there natures are like.

— I love that CM is not afraid of scientific thought or biblical scholarchip. Too many Christian approaches seem to run from modern scholarship.

— On a related note, I love that CM can accept the thought of others because she believes all wisdom comes from God who is the Great Educator. This idea was a wonderful revelation to me when I first encountered it in CM’s writings (I have a post on this coming out soon entitled “the Sacred and Secular in Education”).

— I love that though CM acknowledges and accounts for children’s sinful natures, she does not dwell  on them overly much. She also sees and hopes for the good in each child. It is not a negative approach which focuses overly much on discipline.

— I love that my children and I can form relationships with people long dead through their writings, art, music, etc.

— I love that Charlotte’s approach is a wide one, opening the world up to our kids, rather than an approach which picks and chooses or limits things and brings them down to their level.

I don’t agree with everything Charlotte Mason had to say. But I can say I love her approach overall because of the principles behind it. And as I think about why I love it, I am struck by the fact that it is not one principle or a set of principles that I love most but a feeling of opening up all of the world (at least all that is good, true, etc.) to all children. I know Charlotte was concerned for children who were economically or socially disadvantaged. We don’t have exactly the same categories today, but I still love that her education is for all children. It is not only for the disadvantaged or only for the “normal” kid. It is not one education for boys and one for girls.  I believe that God is the Lord of all the earth and that all knowledge and wisdom and beauty come ultimately  from Him. So we glorify Him when we form relationships with as many parts of His Creation as possible.


3 responses to this post.

  1. She does make us open the world up to our children…I love that image.


  2. Very nice post! I really appreciate CM’s take on educating the whole child, that includes fostering the spiritual as well as the academic. I’ve been enjoying reading your linked posts as well.


  3. What a lovely post, Nebby! I enjoyed reading what you love about a Mason education. I must say that…I agree! “…a feeling of opening up all of the world (at least all that is good, true, etc.) to all children.” Freedom!


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