Posts I Have Enjoyed

Dear Reader,

Here again are some blog posts by others that I have enjoyed reading recently:

Textbook Fatigue and the Literary Form by Carroll Smith The short explanation is that you can’t get brunt-out on living books.

Fumbling Toward Composer Study by Dr. Jennifer Spencer Because music is the area we are most lacking in this year. I think Dr. Spencer is right that we need to get to know the composers and to look for the ideas they communicate. But I still struggle with how to do that and how to help my kids do it.

And a positive article on homeschooling in the wake of the CT shootings:

Homeschooling Facts Show Homeschooling as Non-Violent, Supportive, Positive

Now I know that homeschooling does not guarantee my kids safety. It is not as if we were hidden away at home all day. We are out in public a lot. But I did like this quote:

“A University of Florida doctoral dissertation by Larry Shyers found that homeschooling children socialize well together. They are cooperative and friendly. Shyers theorized that homeschooling students learn how to behave toward others by modeling their parents, not their peers. They learn from their families.”

Homeschoolers have known this for years. It is nice to see it in print.

And here is an article on how running schools like factories doesn’t work:

Educate for Problem-Solving, Not Factories

Did you ever have your kids learn something and then try to apply it everywhere? I am thinking of examples of when my eldest learned to use a fork and then wanted to use it on his Cheerios which really worked better as a finger food. I think we, corporately, tend to do this with larger ideas too. Like when Darwin’s theory of evolution came out people wanted to apply it and use it which unfortunately led to eugenics programs. Most of those have been, thankfully, discredited. But this idea that everything can be done better in a  large-scale, assembly line like environment in education seems to have persisted for some reason. And now if anyone tries to change it, they are seen as attacking they way things have always been. But this is not how things have always been, and some things, like our kids’ minds, just can’t be best molded by  a factory-style approach.



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