Reiki, Holistic Healing, Demonolgy

Concerns about Reiki

Christian Reiki parts 1, 2, and 3

Reiki, Gnosticism and Jesus

Satan Cast Out book review

Two books on demonolgy

Charlotte Mason on Reiki

High Cost of Holistic Healing: part 1, part 2, and part 3

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  1. […] For myself, I would like to know what exactly went wrong. Theologically, I am not so far from the Puritans myself (for an excellent book on them, check out Leland Ryken’s Worldly Saints). And I do believe in witches. It is ironic to me that though the general interpretation seems to be that witches were all superstition and that the real evil was over- religiousness, that Salem today is full of self-proclaimed witches. If they exist now, why not then? I feel like I should define “witch” here — I am going to use it to mean anyone who seeks to use a kind of natural (i.e. based in nature) magic to tap into the spiritual world and to manipulate things here in our world. I know and know of people who do this today and I have no doubt that such things existed in early New England as well. I believe there is a spirit world and that there are evil spirits to whom God temporarily gives the ability to affect our world. And often they do things that seem good to us, like healing people, because this is a really good way to lure us in (see this really long series of posts on Reiki and demonology). […]


  2. […] on Reiki and ended up doing a long series of posts on it and on demonology which you can access here. The short story is that I find Reiki quite un-Christian and dangerous and do belive it has to do […]


  3. […] one wants to be able to answer no, a number of them deal with the source of healing. And a lot of the issues that I had with Reiki would echo these concerns. The biggest problem I had with it was that it sees healing energy as […]


  4. […] and homeopathy. So I will not treat all of them equally. By the way, the practice which I spent so many posts discussing, Reiki, is not mentioned here (though he does mention “hand healers” which may be something […]


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