Favorite Authors: Polly Horvath

Dear Reader,

On our recent car trip, we made it through a number of books, including two by one of our new favorite authors, Polly Horvath. She has a lot out there and so far they all seem to have some degree of silly to them. But I think there are also ideas in there somewhere. I am not saying they are profound books, but they show how people interact and think about things, For instance in Everything on a Waffle a young girl’s parents are lost at sea and she is the only one to believe they are still alive. But a number of times in the book, she asks other people if there isn’t something they just know to be true. So there are ideas in there about faith and intuition. Also there is a restaurant in which everything comes served on a  waffle whether it be liver and onions, lasagna or even a waffle on a waffle. This book has a sequel, A Year in Coal Harbor, which we had actually listened to first. They are both good. I would say their prime target ages are probably ages 7-10 though older and possible younger children might enjoy them as well (I know my 13-year-old did).

We also listened to Northward to the Moon which seems to be another sequel though we have not listened to the original. It is about a family travelling from Canada to Nevada. They deal with lots of extended family issues.I would say Horvath’s books tend to have complicated families and yet they also value family. They are not filled with siblings fighting and being annoyed by each other as so many modern books seem to be.

Other Horvath books we have listened to and enjoyed in the past are The Vacation, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire, and The Pepins and Their Problems.

So if you like me are always looking for  a new author, I would recommend Polly Horvath.



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