How Did Creation Happen?

Dear Reader,

So I have been called to account by one of you for saying that I am “agnostic” on the subject of creationism vs. evolution. This is not entirely true. I do not have a clear-cut stance on this but there are many things I believe. This will likely turn into a multi-post series, but to begin with I want to start with what I know.

Here then is a list of relevant things that I believe:

1. There is a God who created the universe and everything in it.

2. Only God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is infinite. Everything else has a beginning.

3. God created everything out of nothing.

4. God did not just set things going and then step back. He is actively involved in maintaining every aspect of His creation.

5. God is completely sovereign over His creation. There is no detail, no matter how small, which is outside of His control.

6. Therefore there are no “random” events, whether genetic mutations or anything else, in God’s universe. He plans, controls and executes it all.

7. The Bible often uses the word “day” figuratively or generally, and Genesis 1 is a unique, very stylized piece of writing. Therefore I see no reason why I must assume its days are our 24 hour periods nor believe in what is called a literal 6-day creation.

8. Genesis 2 adds detail to the creation of man which shows us that there is more to be said and God used methods other than just speaking at least in the creation of man. So He may also have used other means in the rest of creation.

9. Man is unique among God’s creatures in that he is created in the image of God. This means a number of things but one of the most important is that he is a moral creature who can and will be held responsible for his actions. This separates him from all the animals.

10. All people are descended from one ancestor, named Adam. In his sin, they all fell and became totally depraved. (Likewise all who will be redeemed receive their salvation through one man.)

11. There is good scientific evidence that natural selection happens, at least on a  small scale (birds changing color during the industrial revolution, for example).

What view does this all boil down to? Honestly, I am not prepared to answer that at this point. So I think my next post will be on the different views of creation which Christians have taken. And I will return to the literal 6-day thing, I promise.


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  1. Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis would disagree with #7, and from the presentations I’ve seen, I would disagree with it as well. He gives many examples (and even counts the # of times the word “day” shows up in the Bible) and says that each time “day” shows up accompanied by a number, the words “day” or “night” and…something else I’ve forgotten, it means a LITERAL day. Of course, Genesis 1 includes both day numbers and the words “day” and “night”, proving his point. Assuming the rest of what he says is true – I’ve not counted and compared all of it myself.

    In #11, yes, there is natural selection within KINDS of animals, not between species. Natural selection narrows the gene pool, supposedly, so you can’t breed the changed birds back into the originals. And fish can’t become land animals. AIG claims that 2 of each kind were taken onto the ark, not 2 of each species, saving room on the ark but retaining enough genetic information to repopulate the earth.

    Very interesting stuff, and I’m still trying to decide for sure if I’m young earth or stick with what I’ve known my whole life- which was stick the “millions of years” before or in-between the days of creation. After reading, “The Lie” by Ken Ham and hearing him speak multiple times, I’m leaning towards young earth now. It just makes sense.


    • Well, I didn’t expect to find complete agreement 🙂 Starting at the end, I am not completely sure myself how far to go with natural selection. It happens. Does this necessarily mean evolution as a whole is true? No, I don’t think so. But at this point I am not willing to say where I draw the line.

      Going back to #7 about the word “day,” I have heard arguments like Ham’s. I like thta they use the biblical text itself. What he says is not irrelevant to the question, but I am not sure I am convinced by it either. I suspect that there will be a whole post just on the word “day” coming up so that it all I am going to say for now. Stay tuned . . .


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