Does School Prepare One for the Real World?

Dear Reader,
I love pretty much every post I read over at ChildLight USA. But one recently caught may attention because of how it resonated with other things I have been reading. Tim Laurio wrote an article called “Life in the Real World after a CM Education.” It is a wonderfully encouraging article for those of us wondering how our kids might fair when they get older. But what struck me most was what Laurio had to say about how prepared (or not) he was for the real world. The gist of it is that he had to find his own way to make his life fulfilling and to continue learning and growing because his job was boring. He would sit at a desk all day and do repetitive work and at first it drove him crazy. In one level, a CM education did not prepare him for the real world because it did not prepare him for this. But his coworkers were prepared. They had most of them presumably been to traditional and probably public schools and they were already well prepared for mind-numbing boredom. His un-numb mind was not and he found ways to keep his life stimulating both at work and after hours so he could cope.

What really struck me here is how this is just what John Taylor Gatto talked about in the book I read recently by him, Weapons of Mass Instruction. His thesis there was that schools do just what they are supposed to — produce a large consuming but unthinking class of people who will be fit for factory-type work (those yesterday’s factories seem to be today’s call centers). And clearly based on Laurio’s coworkers, this is exactly what is happening. Years of boring, mind-numbing school work have produced just the sort fo workers this company needs, ones who will do the repetitive work and not chafe against it.

So while Laurio may himself not have been completely prepared fo the real world, I hope my kids end up a lot like him.


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  1. Posted by Karen on November 18, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    I read the same article and hoped that Laurio was happy with not being prepared for the real world.

    So, Yes! Me, too!! I hope my children are bored silly by desk jobs! I am struck by how what Gatto wrote in the _Underground History of American Education_ book is so true. The school system is NOT failing, it’s doing exactly what Rockefeller, et al wanted it to do. As a nation, we’re pouring more money into it and getting out exactly what we’re asking for.

    I would add to my hope for my children: I hope they will not take jobs like that – I so hope that my children will create their own little niches. Or take jobs supporting little niches. Even if they are never paid much. Proverbs says about “give me neither poverty nor riches….lest I deny my God” – that’s what I want for myself and for my children. Having our needs supplied so that we can give away all the excess so that we find our fulfillment in God-given relationships and God-given work.


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