Genesis, Creation, and Evolution

Creation and Evolution


One Brief Thought on Evolution

Evolution, Creationism and the Direction of the World

Christian Views of Creation

How Did Creation Happen?

Why Evolution?

Human Evolution and an Update

Alternative Views of Evolution

The Genre of Genesis 1

Does “Day” Mean “Day” in Genesis 1?

Evolution is a Mindset

Dinosaurs in the Bible?

God’s Word Written in His Creation

Environmentalism and Creation:

Creation and Environmentalism (A Book Review)

Christians and the Environment (Part 2)

Christians and the Environment, Part 3: Wilderness?

Genesis 6:1-4

Genesis 6:1-4:  part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4

The Meaning of Genesis 6:1-4 (and Genesis 1-11)

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  1. […] pardon the word choice — evolving; you can read my many posts on the creation/evolution topic here. So to supplement the video portion of the DIVE curriculum, I am not using their internet textbook […]


  2. […] me is that this story is as old as time, or at least as old as humankind (depends on your view of creation, I suppose 😉 ). Not only is the basic outline all there, the man’s blaming his sin on the […]


  3. […] of the issue. You can read my own thoughts on the topic, which are quite rambling and ambivalent, here. Fleishman has a number of books on science topics. Not all are so controversial (not much is, […]


  4. […] I have done a series of posts on the whole creation/evolution thing; I don’t want to revisit the whole topic. But here is what Boreham made me think: if God has […]


  5. […] example of what I mean — My oldest has been studying political philosophy this year.  I did a whole blog series some time back on evolution and creationism and did not come to firm conclusions, but as we read about all whom Darwin inspired — from […]


  6. […] tree is known by its fruit, and more than the theological and biblical and scientific arguments, the ways that Darwin’s theory of evolution has played out in other areas has served to […]


  7. […] [2] You can find earlier posts I did on the whole creation/evolution thing here. […]


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