My Master List of Booklists on American History

Dear Reader,

At this point I have published quite a number of posts detailing what books we have used to study American history. For convebience sake, I thought I woudl give their links all in one place so they are easir to find. Below is that list. I will continue to add to it as I do new posts so check back periodically.


Booklists for American History


History Books: The Settlement of Virginia

Books on Colonial New England

Studying the Salem Witch Trials

History Books: Colonization

Living Books on the American Revolution

Books on the U.S. Constitution

Washington and Adams

Jefferson and Lewis and Clark

Madison Through Polk

The Build up to the Civil War

The Civil War

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History Spine Books

Movie Review: The Crossing

Two Movies on the Revolutionary War






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  1. […] We only spent about three weeks on the Constitution in our homeschool, but I wanted to share with you the books we used. A few are good, living books; others are not but they were the best I could get my hands on from our library system. This seems to be one of those subjects on which much is written for kids, but little is truly wonderful. This is part of a continuing series in which I share with you what we have been reading as we make our way through American history. You can find all the posts here. […]


  2. […] recently took a detour from our study of American history to cover the French Revolution. This was a pretty brief unit for us — only 3 or 4 weeks […]


  3. […] most of the books we have used for history recently in the various booklists I have been posting here. Most I don’t think would be a problem though I haven’t looked back at each one. We […]


  4. […] history, I have been sharing what books we have used. You can find all the links to previous posts here. We have just finished 3 weeks on the presidencies of Washington and Adams. I found relatively […]


  5. […] I am not going to pretend that this is a thorough booklist on Native Americans. There is just too much out there, and a lot of living books to boot. This is a very fertile topic for historical fiction, and many children’s author have made the most of it. But I will share with you my thoughts on the books we used when we recently took a couple of weeks out of our study of American history to concentrate on Native Americans. You can find all our recent booklists on American history here. […]


  6. […] As we work out way through American history, my kids and I are up to the time of Thomas Jefferson. Not too surprisingly, since it seems to be a hot topic for children’s authors, quite a lot of what we read for this time period was on the Lewis and Clark expedition. You can find my master list of history books here. […]


  7. […] this year which means that you, dear reader, get a lot of booklists. Though our topic is generally American history, I am trying to include key world events as we go along, and if Napoleon does not qualify as one […]


  8. […] Our school year has finished up and I wanted to give you all a list of the books we have used for history. My last list was on Jefferson’s presidency. This one is going to cover those of Madison through Polk, obviously a much longer span of time. There were a number of presidents we didn’t send too much time on. We used our spine books to make sure we got the essentials, but not every kid read about every president. You can find my master list of history book lists here. […]


  9. […] History: American history from Polk through 1900 using a variety of living books We read a spine book together and then they each read books on the same period at their own level. Find our past booklists here. […]


  10. […] A new school year, a new crop of living books. As we continue to work our way through American history, my kids and I have been studying the last years before the American Civil War. As you may recall, last school year we made it through the presidency of James K. Polk (one of my new favorite presidents; did you know he was a Presbyterian?). This section covers Zachary Taylor through James Buchanan. For my complete list of lists of living books on American history see this post. […]


  11. […] As we finish up studying the American Civil War I thought I would once again share with you the books we have used and how they worked out for us. You can find all my posts on living books on American history here. […]


  12. […] up for us is a brief detour from our study of American history to touch on Victorian England. I need to get more books still, but I have a few here sitting on my […]


  13. […] took a slight detour from our study of American history recently do look briefly at Victorian England. I’m amazed by Queen Victoria, how she managed […]


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