Book Review: The Golden Milestone

Dear Reader,

Frank Boreham is one of my favorite authors. He was a pastor in New Zealand  a while back and has written a plethora of books. The ones I have read are all series of essays on various topics, often arising from casual observations he has made. The most recent one I have read is The Golden Milestone. One gets the impression from this book that it must have been written later in Boreham’s life and he mentions having been asked to write more books. I felt reading it that it was not motivated so much by him having something he was eager to say as by more outward motivations. Nonetheless, the character and godliness of this man are such that it is still well worth reading. There are lots of good nuggets of wisdom buried with this volume.

Here are some of my favorite bits:

“We are such poor sleepers because we are such poor saints.” — I have often thought that it is, as the psalm says, truly a blessing to be able to sleep securely. We are spoiled, most of us, by living in places where we can lie down and close our eyes without fearing for our safety, but we still worry ourselves to death and rob ourselves of sleep quite often.

“He is for ever and for ever getting new mornings out of old nights, fair beginnings out of dismal endings. Who are these boys that I see in my Bible — Joseph and Moses and Samuel and David and Jesus? Little boys do not figure prominently in other sacred writings. Each of these children represents a new morning for a world whose sun had set. Think of the conditions of things when Joseph was born, when Moses was born, when Samuel was born, when David was born, when Jesus was born. Things were played out; the world was spent; civilization was choking in the darkness and stifling in the night.” — It is poignant to think that Boreham wrote the essay this excerpt comes from when he was nearing his end. He rejoices to see that others rise to take his place and does not lament his own demise. That is not something many people can say I think.

“By what strange impulse was I impelled to follow this profession — this and no other? By what freak of fate did I marry this wife — this and no other? By what stroke of fortune did I settle in this land — this and no other? Looking back on life, it seems almost like a drift; we seem to have reached this position by the veriest chance. And yet it has all turned out too well to be the result of chance. The fact is that like the swallow we acted instinctively. And the instinct was God!” — I know the biggest and best decisions in my life have not always been the best thought out. I think it is easier to look back and to see that where we are and where we have been is just where God wanted us. And this quote is like it:

“No two men ever yet passed each other on the street by chance.” — Whoever you meet, that is your neighbor whom you are called to love like yourself.

“. . . our own characters determine the books that we read. If I am evil, I shall read evil books and the evil in the books is simply the reflection of the evil that is in me.” — I am reading a book now about movies (more on that later, I am sure) and I wonder if this is true too of what we watch.

“I believe that to a Christian man who has received through Christ the pardon of sins and the gift of eternal life the discharge of common duty is a great part of the preparation for the glorious transition from this world to the next.” — In other words, we all want to be called to do great things, but more often than not what God asks of us is to be faithful in boring, everyday duties.

“Passion or purity, love or hate — serve whom you will, but in  process of time the name of your love shall be found in your forehead.” — I have been thinking something like this a lot lately. I see it in the older people I know — that as they age their character shines through more and more, for better or worse.

I have a couple more posts planned on specific issues arising from this volume, but these were some of my favorite quotes to give you a taste of what you will find in Boreham’s books.



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