Sample Narrations (9th Grader)

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My older two often type up their written narrations. The problem with my 9th grader is she rarely actually prints them out. I told her she had to this past weekend or else she wouldn’t get snack. So I ended up with about a million narrations, all patched together in one long document. Below is a short excerpt covering three subjects to give you an idea of what a 9th grader can do. I haven’t edited it; all mistakes are hers, though I suspect more are typos than outright mistakes.


There is a famous painter named Titian. He has only a half dozen paintings that we know he painted. He is said to be one of the best painters ever.

He has a painting called the Concert. It is a strange painting because you can’t figure out what the people are doing. The two men are said to e in contrast because they are opposites. One is rich and the other is poor. The women are supposed to be nymphs or spirits in human form.

John Wilkes Booth was from a famous family of actors. They were the first real actors in America. He was the youngest and they called him Johnny. He had two brothers named Edwin and Junius Brutus and a sister named Asia. He was a normal child. When he got older he became very anti-north and pro-south. He was extremely racist and hated Abraham Lincoln. His ideas were not strange for the time but he was more firm in his ideas.

He was a very good actor. He was very handsome and women always gathered by his dressing room door. He was pretty famous.

The rest of his family was in favor of the north. Once he said something about the north must fall and his sister said “but we ARE the north.” We know a lot about John Wilkes Booth because his sister Asia wrote his biography after he died.

Johnny had always hated Lincoln, but once Lincoln’s son, Robert, was leaning against a train. The train started to move and Robert fell between the platform and the train. A man pulled him out and the man’s name was Edwin Booth.

Johnny booth had a big group of followers who all wanted to get rid of Lincoln. Originally they jus wanted to kidnap him. Booth had the opportunity to shoot him at his second inauguration. Once they made plans to kidnap him, but they realized that Lincoln had sent another man in his place who was also wearing a top hat because Lincoln didn’t feel well.

When the south lost the war, Booth got angry and decided to kill Lincoln because Lincoln had destroyed his “country.” Booth was not the only one who hated Lincoln. Lincoln was a very unpopular president. All the southerners hated him and a lot of republicans did too. They thought he wanted to make the black people rule over the white people. They trained their children to hate him. One little boy was handed a picture of Lincoln and he threw it on the ground and started punching it.

Lincoln did not do a very good job guarding himself. He often went unguarded. He said that if someone really wanted o kill him then they wound get around a bodyguard and they would do it anyway.

Protoazoas are small things. They are alive. They are footprint-shaped. When they reproduce, they separate into two baby protoazoas. The Zoa part of protoazoa means “animal.” It is like the word “zoo.”

Algaes are in the same kingdom as protoazoas. They are usually in the water, although there are some land algaes. Lichen is algae sandwiched in between two fungis.

The word protozoa is plural. The singular word is protoazoan.

There were tow scientists who discovered protoazoas. They liked to make miroscopes.

The most deadly protoazoa disease is malaria. It is deadly because we don’t have a cure for it.

The protoazoas and the algaes and some other things are in the kingdom of Protista.


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