Approaches to Homeschool: All the Links


Dear Reader,

I’ve found myself coming back to this topic again so I wanted to put all the posts before you once more.

My newest endeavor is a quiz to help you find your own educational philosophy. You can find that here.

From there, you can check out my Bullet Points on 16 Approaches to Homeschooling and Resources on 17 Approaches to Homeschooling.

Once you have narrowed down your choices read more on the ones that intrigue you in my original Approaches to Homeschool series:

The Summary Post is actually not a bad place to start. From there you can check out the Introduction to the series and then all the individual posts on the various approaches:


Classical Education

Christian Classical Education and a follow-up

Charlotte Mason

Thomas Jefferson Education

The Principle Approach and follow-ups 1, 2, 3 and conclusions



Unit Studies and additional thoughts

The Puritans’ Home School Curriculum

Related posts:

How to Glorify God

Educating Girls and CM on Educating Girls and Chesterton on Educating Girls

Good Books

What does the Bible say on educating children part 1 and part 2

The Goal of Education

That is everything! I hope I haven’t forgotten any.


17 responses to this post.

  1. […] that I have finished my series on the approaches to homeschooling, I have been pondering what to focus on next. I am still going slowly through Charlotte […]


  2. […] wealth but to produce a whole, living person who will then serve God and society. In truth, when I examined the various approaches to education, I was made a little uncomfortable by those approaches which seemed to place the good of society at […]


  3. […] educate should reflect our larger beliefs, particularly those about human nature. This is why I did a whole long series on the different approaches to education, because even if we are not consciously aware of it, there is more behind our educational […]


  4. Hi Nebby,
    I came across your series two days ago after Google-searching “Thomas Jefferson Education and Christianity.” I just want to say thank you so much for writing this series!!! I’ve read all the posts in it and am currently going through some of the “Related Posts.” Your research has really helped me as I consider which approach to use in homeschooling my two girls (currently ages 3 yrs and 3 mos) and any other kiddos that might come along. I am going to post this series to my MOPs Facebook page and hopefully have my husband read it. I am so happy I found your blog and I can’t wait to browse other posts!


  5. […] One thing I wondered about was what Esolen’s view of children is. Clearly he wants them to have the space, time, and freedom  to become creative individuals. But how does he view children themselves? Lumps to be molded? Unique individuals with their own innate personalities? Are they complete people as they are or must we train and teach them in many ways? I read a lot of books on children and education, and I think we can learn a lot about where a person or philosophy is coming from if we can tease out how it answers these questions (for an example, see my post on Dorothy Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning“; you could also look at my many posts on the different approaches to homeschooling). […]


  6. […] Approaches to Homeschool: Waldorf Approaches to Homeschool: All the Links […]


  7. […] a long series of blog posts on the different approaches to education; you can find all those links here. I am not going to rehash it all now, but let me give you a few examples of what I mean. […]


  8. […] also have a series covering the philosophies behind many of these approaches which you can find here (I’ll warn you though, I am biased as a reformed Christian and an aficionado of Charlotte […]


  9. […] consider the views of man and God that are behind our philosophies of education (see, for example, this very extensive series on approaches to education). While I am not a fan of the public schools, however, I would not go so […]


  10. […] Principles Biblical?”). In the past I’ve looked at many philosophies of education (see here), and what I’ve concluded is that each, whether consciously or not, is founded upon certain […]


  11. […] the ideas that lie behind any particular approach to education have consequences. Years ago, I did this series on different approaches to homeschooling.  I found that each, consciously or not, makes two big […]


  12. […] began a few years ago looking at different approaches to education (find that series here). What I discovered was that each has certain base assumptions about who the child is and what the […]


  13. […] have a few convictions that I come into this enterprise with. One, born of my readings in various approaches to homeschooling, is that every philosophy of education says something about the nature of man and his ultimate […]


  14. […] we see another dichotomy that we saw when looking at approaches to homeschooling: child-led on one side versus parent/teacher-led on the other. Those who, like Wolterstorff, take a […]


  15. […] ago when I first looked at various approaches to homeschooling, I noticed that they all have something to say (whether knowingly or unknowingly) about two […]


  16. […] he called to do in the world?  . . . What is it that God wants for him and of him?” (p.123). As I have said many times,  behind any philosophy of education are presuppositions about who man is and what his ultimate […]


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