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One big question Charlotte Mason homeschoolers seem to have is “What should a xx grade narration look like?” I thought I would share some of my kids’ narrations and I invite you to do the same. Send them to me and I’ll post them. Put them in your blog and post a link. Oral and written narrations from the same child tend to be very different; it is much easier to say a lot than to write a lot so ideally, I’d like to post my kids’ oral narrations as well. Anybody know how I can do that?

To start us off, here are two written narrations from my brand new 6th grader (sorry — I know the picture quality is bad but I put it in so you can get a sense of the handwriting):



“Teddy Rosevelt got married and went to law school. He got really sick and went to a spa for the summer. Then he went to the Wild West to get a buffalo before they were all gone. It took him a couple monthes, but he got one. THE END.”

Obviously, I am giving you what she wrote without editing. That’s part of the point — let’s see what kids are really doing. Don’t just give me their best examples! Let’s see the worst too. Her oral narrations are much longer and more detailed. And the copywork she did on the same day had beautiful, well-spaced handwriting. That has not carried over into narrations yet.

A slightly better example:



“the Cuthberts lived at Green Gables

Mrs. Rachel saw Matthew Cuthbert going off in his carriage, in a suit, and she went over after tea to see why, and Marilla Cuthbert said it was because he was going to pick up an orphan. Mrs. Rachel wondered why Merilla did not tell her. then Marilla said that they had thought about it all winter and decided to get one. It was a boy of ten or eleven, old enough to be usefull, but young enough to be trained up right. Mrs. Rachel told her about some horror stories about orphans being adopted. then Mrs. Rachel went up the street to spread the news. THE END”

I had previously posted some examples of narration from 9th grade and 10th grade. Here’s one from my now 11th grader (16yo):

“The story started out with a lieutenant named Roger Keyes going out for a walk with some men. He had been trying to capture a fort for a while, so he decided to go look at it from a different side. When he approached it he found it to be deserted with the doors wide open. He and his men went in and realizing they did not have enough men to man the fort, they detonated all the ammunition in the fort, making it useless.

That was part of the Boxer Rebellion. It took place in China cause the Chinese were unhappy.”
He types up and e-mails me narrations. It’s rather short for one of his efforts. It was just the introduction to a book.
And the 10 grader (14yo):
      “There was a scientist named Henry Cavindish. He hated people. He wouldn’t even see his servants at all during the day. He did experiments and discovered hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid reacts with metal and when the acid touches metal the metal releases its hydrogen.
      Hydrogen is the lightest element (that was discovered then. Some scientists made a system where the weight of hydrogen was 1 and all other elements were relative to that. Oxygen was 12 and mercury was 200. Now there is a system where carbon is 12 and the other elements are given weights relative to that.
      A minister named Joseph Priestly discovered that if you put hydrogen dioxide in a drink, it becomes fizzy.
      Oxygen is an element that is abundant. Oxygen makes other chemicals burn better.
      Nitrogen is an element used in explosives. It explodes easily. It is also used in fertilizer. Plants suck it from the soil, but not from the air. It is good to also plant something like peanuts, which can pull nitrogen from the air and put it back in the soil.
      One scientist invented an abbreviation system for the elements.  Most elements start with their first letter like Oxygen (O), Hydrogen (H), and Nitrogen (N). Some start with the first two letters like Cobalt (Co). Some use letters from their Latin name like Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag).
Okay– it’s your turn now! Share your narrations with a link in the comments or send them to me and I’ll add them


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