More Political Ranting

Dear Reader,

Okay, I guess I can’t stop with the political ranting. So far I have restrained myself from responding to the million and two Facebook posts which irritate me, but you, dear reader, get to benefit from that restraint.

From an article on Franklin Graham:

“The Rev. Franklin Graham on Friday sought to remind Americans that the presidential election is about a lot more than bad behavior, and that evangelical Christians must keep their eyes on the true prize — the Supreme Court.” (“Franklin Graham Reminds Christian Voters: Next President’s Court Picks Will Shape The Future” by Jack Davis at Western Journalism)

This is the first sentence. That’s as far as I needed to go (I did actually read the whole article though); I already disagree. The argument — not just from Rev. Graham but from many evangelical Christians — seems to be that, despite his personal faults, we need to vote for Donald Trump for the sake of the larger issue, the greater good if you will, which is the next Supreme Court justice.

I am reminded of the nations of Israel and Judah in the days before their exiles. They too put their hope in political solutions. They trusted in foreign alliances with Assyria and Egypt to save them. God rebuked them soundly for this and they did not manage to avoid the coming destruction.

Saving the unborn is a noble goal. It is hard to argue with that one (though I wonder sometimes if we elevate even that too far at the expense of other goods). But God does not tell us to hope in legislation or in judicial rulings. They are the horses and chariots of our day and we are not to trust in them, nor in the strength or wisdom of man, but only in the Lord our God.

How do we do that? We obey Him. We elect godly leaders, and if there are none available maybe we don’t consent to the election of any. We condemn sin where we see it, both in our political candidates and in our culture. We preach the gospel and call for repentance.

Would you rather have no abortions in this country because the law forbids them or because people in their hearts value life? Our goal is not to outlaw something but to save souls. We may win a political battle and get a Supreme Court justice we approve of, but if we, the church,  have lost the moral authority we should have, if we are seen to condone sin when it suits our purposes, we are losing the greater battle for hearts and souls.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I read every post, though I rarely comment. Thank you for sharing. This sentence really sums up my thoughts as well: “Would you rather have no abortions in this country because the law forbids them or because people in their hearts value life?” You can’t legislate salvation, and I think we lose credibility when we try.


  2. Posted by Karen on October 17, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    You’re right, Nebby. What proof do we have that Trump will keep his word and appoint a conservative judge? He has lied about many things……
    This election really has me rather depressed! On the other hand, the 2nd coming might be closer than we think. I should look up! 😊


  3. Jenny P and Karen — Thank you both for your comments. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Personally, I am praying for a miracle. But I am afraid that we are getting the leader we deserve.


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