Booklist: Living Books on Egypt

Living Books about Ancient Egypt

Asimov, Isaac. The Egyptians. From the famous scientist and science fiction writer. Teens.

Baum, L. Frank. The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt.. A geography choice from the author of the Wizard of Oz. Middle years.

Brier, Bob. Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians. Not truly living but useful. Middle+.

Fisher, Leonard. Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. More of a reference than something to read straight through. Early-upper elementary.

Frank, John. Tomb of the Boy King. Story in verse. Elementary.

Gerard, Roy. Croco-Nile. Picture book. Elementary.

Giblin, James Cross. Secrets of the Sphinx. I believe this was upper elementary-middle.

Glubok, Shirley. The Art of Ancient Egypt. Elementary.

Green, Roger Lancelyn. Tales of Ancient Egypt.. Various ages.

Macaulay, David. Pyramid. Macaulay’s books are lovely ones on architectural elements. Elementary +. Elementary-middle.

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis. Mara, Daughter of the Nile. Historical fiction. These are popular. I don’t think they are very well written. Middle years.

Meyerson, Daniel. In the Valley of the Kings. Archaeology. A wonderful find. Teens.

Mike, Jan. Gift of the Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Legend. An older book.

Mills, Dorothy.  The Book of the Ancient World. Mills’ books are popular spines. I actually find this one a bit thin on information. Middle years.

Morley, Jacqueline. Egyptian Myths.

Noble, Iris. Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra. Middle years.

Payne, Elizabeth. Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. A wonderful spine book for this period that can be used with all ages. Reading level is probably middle school. The Greenleaf guide uses this book.

Rumford, James. Seeker of Knowledge: The Man who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Elementary.

Ryan Donald. Beneath the Sands of Egypt. Teens.

Sabuda, Robert. Tutankhamun’s Gift. Elementary.

Scott, Geoffrey. Egyptian Boats. Elementary (?).

Silverberg, Robert.  The Mask of Akhnaten (Fiction about a boy looking for the mask) and Akhnaten the Rebel Pharaoh  (non-fiction). Middle-teens.

Walsh, Jill Paton. Pepi and the Secret Names. Elementary.

Warringtons. The Warringtons Abroad. An older geography book about a family’s travels. Middle years.

Woods, Geraldine. Science in Ancient Egypt. These books are not the most living but provide good information. Elementary-middle.

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