I am a Reformed Presbyterian (RPCNA) , homeschooling a la Charlotte Mason mom to four kids. In my copious free time, I enjoy knitting, blogging (duh), and helping manage my daughter’s Etsy business (also see below). At one point pre-kids I was in grad school studying Biblical Hebrew (I was ABD — “all but dissertation”) and so I also try to keep up with that and post on weird things like the book of Jeremiah.

My oldest boy is 15 and is into Legos (still!), classical culture, and recreational math. My 14-year-old girl is the family artist. By age 6 she was better than me at most artsy things. She has her own blog and Etsy shop — please check them out! She also has type 1 diabetes, a life-long chronic, life-threatening illness about which I am sure I will blog a lot. She was diagnosed at age 19 months. My third is another boy. He loves board games of all kinds, especially German-style ones, computer games, annoying his big brother, and eating. Finally, there is the little Beanie. She is 9 and loves her stuffed family. She also has a blog about walruses — read it here. I also have a husband who does things involving economics and computer programming. That is at work. At home he does things involving Velveeta and the History Channel. A black cat (Nebby, short for Nebuchadnezzar and the source of this blog’s name) and a basset hound named Barnabas complete the family. And we all live together somewhere between Boston and Providence.

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  1. Hello Nebby,

    My name is Benjamin Bernier,

    I am a Reformed Episcopal pastor, and homeschool dad of seven boys, who made his doctoral dissertation studying Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy.
    I came across your blog and I thought that you would be interested in learning about my recent publication:

    Scale How ‘Meditations’ by Charlotte M. Mason,

    The meditations are a record of a series of Sunday talks delivered by Mason during the year 1898, at the House of Education, “Scale How” in Ambleside Uk, where she presents a verse by verse commentary on the first chapters of the Gospel according to St. John.

    I found this collection while doing my research at the Armitt library in Ambleside.
    Most people are not aware that Mason wrote these, and that they are an amazing source of devotional inspiration and instruction in the art of Christian meditation.

    That is why I am spreading the word so that more people may benefit from this important resource in Charlotte Mason’s work.

    Let me know if you have any question,
    You may found more information at my blog:

    Thank you for your attention,
    At your service,

    Benjamin Bernier

    “This duty of devout meditation seems to me
    the most important part of the preparation
    of the mother or other teacher who would
    instruct children in the things of the Divine life.”
    Charlotte M. Mason.
    The Rev. Dr. Benjamin E. Bernier


  2. Posted by Erica on February 1, 2014 at 1:00 am

    Hi. I just stumbled across your blog from a THM recipe on Pinterest and have enjoyed reading it. Like you, we are a Christian homeschooling family with a daughter who has type 1 diabetes. I have also been dealing with a chronic pain situation and have tried several Western and Eastern remedies. We have a lot in common! Thanks for all the great reading.


    • Wow! We do have a lot in common 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, Erica. How old is your dd with type 1 and how long has she had it?


      • Posted by Erica on February 4, 2014 at 8:42 pm

        She will be 3 this month and was diagnosed 6 months ago. It has been a whirlwind. My father had diabetes as I was growing up, so (sadly) it is not a new disease for me, but it was still shocking for my little one to get it. As you know, it never rests and is so unpredictable. We are going to be switching to a pump soon and I hope it will improve some things. Does your dd pump?


        • Ouch. So young and so new 😦 My dd was 19 months ols at diagnosis. She is almost 12yo now so we have been at this a while. Do you have other parents you know with type 1 kids? Or online support? I really like the childrenwithdiabetes website. It is really helpful to read their forums and mailing lists and see what others’ experiences are. Managing a child with diabetes can be very different from an adult because so much is goign on with their bodies. They say it gets easier when puberty and growth are all done, but we are just getting into those teenage years.

          My dd pumped for 5 years and then chose to stop. She didn’t like wearing the pump on her body. I am really glad we had it for the toddler years though. Being bale to give minute doses and to respind more quickly to changes really helped us through those years. We have gotten her to wear a CGM since December and are really loving it.

          E-mail me if you like at nebby3 at yahoo.com


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