Reformed Education: Book Reviews

A lot of books went into the making of this series (none were injured; not even the ones I disagreed with). Below are links to reviews of all the book I read on education. Most (but not all) of these are from a Reformed Christian perspective.

For an annotated bibliography of some of my favorite authors see Reformed Christian Education: What to Read

Reformed Thinkers on Education: Introductory Post

Bavinck On Art, On the History of Classical Education

Louis Berkhof, or the Covenant in Education

Nicholas Beversluis on Man’s Nature and Purpose

Gordon H. Clark on the Image of God

Chris Coleburn on the History of Reformed Education

Dawson: The Crisis in Western Education (a Catholic writer)

Rut Etheridge on the Crisis in Epistemology

Fesko on Natural Law and Epistemology

Gaebelein, or “All truth is God’s truth” and Gaebelein on Truth and The Christian, The Arts, and the Truth

Jaarsma, part 1: Four Ways to Approach Education 

and part 2: Psychology and Relationship and Jaarsma and the Argument for Schools

and Jaarsma Revisited, or Uniting the Heart and Mind

W.H. Jellema‘s “New Wisdom”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Epistemology

Lockerbie: Introduction and On Christian Paedeia

and On Teachers and On Schools plus Mason vs. Lockerbie: Two Views of the Teacher

John Milton on Education

Donald Oppewal on Epistemology

Rousas Rushdoony: Philosophy of Christian Curriculum

Henry Schultze, or the Integrated Personality

Thomas Edward Shields: The Making and the Unmaking of a Dullard (doesn’t appear to be a Christian)

Johann Sturm

Peter Ton Tackles Classical Education

Van Til on Education

JG Vos on Education

Alfred North Whitehead on Classical Education and Follow-Up (not a Christian)

Nicholas Wolterstorff on Child-led Education

Henry Zylstra, Or The Transforming Power of Truth and Henry Zylstra and the Love of Literature

and Zylstra on Frameworks and How We Know What’s True and A Few More Thoughts on Grammar

Reformed Thinkers: Shorter Articles

Train Up a Child (on ancient education)

Hebraic vs Hellenistic Education (a video review)

The Holy Spirit in Education (a podcast review)

Teaching and Christian Imagination

The Christian Home School

Andy Crouch: The Tech-Wise Family