Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Her philosophy of education, which is laid out in her 6-volume Home Education series, is based upon her Christian principles (not surprisingly, she was Anglican). Her ideas can be summed up in her 20 principles which begin with the personhood of the child and end with the work of God the Holy Spirit in education. Her approach makes heavy use of living books and narration.


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  2. […] talked about everything from the nature of children to interior decorating? Visit Nebby at Letters from Nebby to see this extensive […]


  3. This is such a wealth of information! I was hoping to pin it onto my Pinterest board but it won’t work. Would you consider adding a picture or a “pin it” button?


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  5. So I am very new to the CM world. It is my first year homeschooling, and I have read a few CM companion pieces but have just ordered the first few volumes. We are Baptists (born-again, KJV bible believing). My husband was raised on Abeka in a homeschool for young years and Christian school later. I was public school and not saved until I was in university training to be elem. teacher. Our children attended a Christian school for a few years while my husband taught math there, but my dream and passion was to homeschool. I stumbled across CM through My Fathers World. I love the basic ideas of CM and am eager to learn more and how we can make them work. Do you think its possible to use her ideas and still provide a strong Christian home from our biblical perspective?


    • Absolutely! CM herself was Anglican. There are points where I disagree with her theology but I have no doubts she was a believer and she claims to base her philosophy on the gospels. Though I personally have moved away fom being strictly CM and am developing my own philosophy of education (for lack of a better one out there), there is still much in our home that looks a lot like a CM education. I think often she had the right ideas practically speaking in terms of what we do every day even if the theology behind it was a little off.


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