History of Christian Education

History of Thought on Education

Book Review: Train Up a Child (on Greek, Roman, and Jewish education)

Book Review: History of Jewish Education

History of Education: Biblical Times

History of Education: Church Fathers

History of Education: The Middle Ages

History of Education: Humanism and the Reformation

History of Education: 1500-1800

History of Education: the 1800s

History of Education: 1870-present

On John Dewey, the single biggest figure behind modern American public education: John Dewey, Evolution and Socialization, Evolution is a Mindset and Education and the Source of Evil

History of Dutch Reformed Education in America

Charlotte Mason and the Puritans on Education

Public Education in America Today

Some of the leading thinkers on education and what they really believed

Reformed Thinkers: Shorter Articles (touches on anabaptist versus reformed approaches)

Chris Coleburn on the History of Reformed Education