Living Books for History

Below are links for all my lists for living history books that we have used:

History Spine Books

American History

Exploration and Discovery (see also Age of Exploration: 1400-1600)

Settlement of the US 

Studying the Salem Witch Trials

Native Americans

Settlement and Native Americans (high school)

Living Books on the American Revolution

Books on the U.S. Constitution

The Early 1800s (pre-Civil War)

The Civil War

The Late 1800s, Pioneers and the West

The Early 1900s (pre-WWI)

Living books on WWI

The 1920’s and 1930’s


the 1950s

the 1960s

the 1970s and 1980s

the 1990s

9-11 and the War on Terror

the 2000s

World History

Ancient Egypt (updated 11/2020)

The Ancient Near East

Ancient Greece (updated 11/2020; see also Myths, Fables and Tales)

Ancient Rome (updated 11/2020)

The Middle Ages (updated 11/2020)

Age of Exploration: 1400-1600 (high school; see also Exploration and Discovery )


French Revolution

Victorian England


China (includes modern and ancient for all ages; see also Ancient China lesson plans for elementary)