Reformed Theology of Education

I am on a quest for a Reformed Christian philosophy theology of education. Below are links to all the posts in this series:

Why This Series

A Call for a Reformed Christian Philosophy of Education

Why we need a reformed theology of education

Public education in American today

Why not Christian classical? (see also the section below on classical)

What’s wrong with Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Mason, Anglicanism and You


Methodology: what the Bible can tell us about education

Reformed Christian Education: Practical Details

What the Bible has to say

The image of God  and The Image of God Revisited

Children in the Bible

Words for Teach in the Old Testament

Teaching in the New Testament

Pulling it all together: the Theory

Reformed Christian Education: Drawing Some Conclusions (Though this is a summary post on the theory, it is not a bad place to start)

The purpose of education, part 1

The purpose of education, part 2

Common Grace, part 1

Common Grace, part 2

Church, State, . . . and School?

Education and the Covenant Child

Defining Education

How Specific Calvinistic Beliefs Affect Education

Principles of Reformed Education (aka The Practical Stuff)

Summary Post (Again, I am linking the summary post first)

A Teacher’s Expectation

A Teacher’s Attitude

A Broad Education

Interesting but not Entertaining

Living Books and the Living Word

Pick Your Teachers Well

The Power of Narrative

Core Knowledge?

Synthesizing Ideas (on testing, worksheets, etc)

Theology and Methodology in Education

Should We Use Textbooks?

But How Do I Use All This??

Implementing a Christian Education in Public, Private or Homeschool

What We Study and Why

In Defense of Truth and Beauty

Christianity, Science and the Pursuit of Truth

A Broad Education




Langauge see also A Few More Thoughts on Grammar

Literature see also Zylstra and the Love of Literature

Fine Arts

Christian Classical Education (or not)

Classical is a very broadly used term so I’ve got a number of posts on it. For help in sorting it all out, start with this post: Sorting Out Classical 

Posts critiquing classical education:

Why not Christian classical?

Hebraic vs Hellenistic Education (a video review)

Revisiting Hebraic vs Greek Education

Peter Ton Tackles Classical Education

A little relevant history: Book Review: Train Up a Child

And Bavinck’s History of Classical Ed:  On the History of Classical Education

Posts on various varieties of “classical” education:

Classical Education (aka democratic classicism; the Great Books movement)

Dorothy Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning” (the article which is said to have ignited the modern classical movement)

David Hicks’ Norms and Nobility, part 1 and part 2 (aka moralistic classicism)

James S. Taylor’s Poetic Knowledge 

Douglas Wilson’s Christian Classical

Veith and Kern on Classical Education

History of Thought on Education

Some of the leading thinkers on education and what they really believed

Book Review: Train Up a Child

Book Review: History of Jewish Education

History of Education: Biblical Times

History of Education: Church Fathers

History of Education: The Middle Ages

History of Education: Humanism and the Reformation

History of Education: 1500-1800

History of Education: the 1800s

History of Education: 1870-present

On John Dewey, the single biggest figure behind modern American public education: John Dewey, Evolution and Socialization, Evolution is a Mindset and Education and the Source of Evil

History of Dutch Reformed Education in America

Charlotte Mason and the Puritans on Education

Public Education in America Today

Reformed Thinkers: Shorter Articles (touches on anabaptist versus reformed approaches)

Chris Coleburn on the History of Reformed Education

Book Reviews/Reformed Thinkers

Reformed Thinkers on Education: Introductory Post

Reformed Thinkers: Gordon H. Clark on the Image of God

Reformed Thinkers: Peter Ton Tackles Classical Education

Reformed Thinkers: W.H. Jellema’s “New Wisdom”

Reformed Thinkers: Nicholas Wolterstorff on Child-led Education

Reformed Thinkers: Henry Zylstra, Or The Transforming Power of Truth

and Henry Zylstra and the Love of Literature

and Zylstra on Frameworks and How We Know What’s True

Reformed Thinkers: Nicholas Beversluis on Man’s Nature and Purpose

Reformed Thinkers: Louis Berkhof, or the Covenant in Education

Reformed Thinkers: Jaarsma, part 1: Four Ways to Approach Education 

and part 2: Psychology and Relationship and Jaarsma and the Argument for Schools

and Jaarsma Revisited, or Uniting the Heart and Mind

Reformed Thinkers: Donald Oppewal on Epistemology

Reformed Thinkers: Henry Schultze, or the Integrated Personality

Reformed Thinkers: Bavinck On Art, On the History of Classical Education

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Epistemology

Reformed Thinkers: Shorter Articles

Chris Coleburn on the History of Reformed Education

Reformed Thinkers: Gaebelein, or “All truth is God’s truth” and Gaebelein on Truth

Reformed Thinkers: Lockerbie: Introduction and On Christian Paedeia

and On Teachers and On Schools plus Mason vs. Lockerbie: Two Views of the Teacher

The Crisis in Western Education by Dawson

JG Vos on Education

Van Til on Education

Hebraic vs Hellenistic Education (a video review)

Rousas Rushdoony: Philosophy of Christian Curriculum

Teaching and Christian Imagination

The Christian Home School

John Milton on Education

The Tech-Wise Family

Train Up a Child

The Holy Spirit in Education (a podcast review)

The Great Debate: Public, Private or Home

Implementing a Christian Education in Public, Private or Homeschool

Church, State  . . . And School?

Cornelius Jaarsma and the Argument for Schools

Lockerbie on Schools

Random Posts

Calvinist education?!

A bit of general revelation: babies can think

Articles on education

Worship and Epistemology

The History of Worksheets

Calvinist day-school

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