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THM, JUDDD, Fasting and a Recipe: Low Calorie Pizza

Dear Reader,

I have been toying with the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) way of eating for a while and it has helped me in some ways though I don’t have a lot of weight to lose if any. Whether through my own lack of rigor or because I am pretty close to goal weight or because I am getting older and having some hormonal issues, THM has not been working well for me lately. Based on a suggestion in the THM book, I decide to add a new component, JUDDD (don’t you just love acronyms?). JUDDD is a form of what they call alternate day fasting or up-day, down-day eating. Basically, three days a week you eat pretty minimally and the other four you eat normally. This has been working a lot better.

I think there are a couple of issues at work. One is that after a while on one WOE (way of eating, in internet lingo) one gets bored and one’s metabolism also gets bored. Sometimes any new approach helps just because it is new. Another is that at least for now JUDDD is easier to think about. THM is about not combining fat and carbs and this just requires a lot more thought than just not eating very much some days. I still think in a THM way some of the time, but I don’t feel so much pressure to get it right. Even the THM book says that if you combine it with JUDDD you will need more of what they call crossover meals which combine fat and carbs.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the internet gurus were right and that the down-days (low-calorie days) on JUDDD are not too tough. Though I am at times hungry, I am not starving and in general I am more energetic on those days. I try to eat the same things a lot on those days so I don’t have to think too much about it and it feels like I have more time overall in my day. It makes me think really that the old practice of fasting for religious purposes has some merit to it. Being raised Catholic, I tend now to shy away from things that smack of strict religiosity. But I could see that regular fasting could have a lot of benefits. I do think it would be harder if done irregularly or sporadically. I know for myself if I just had to miss food once in a while it would probably be all I thought about. But when the body is somewhat used to it, there is actually a feeling of greater clarity and being able to better focus that comes on the fasting days. Though I should note that I don’t fast in the sense of not eating at all; I just eat a lot less.

The biggest question I had in trying this whole JUDDD thing is what to eat on the down days. I have found some things that work for me. One is my 100 calorie shake which I have shared previously. Another is this oat fiber bread which I think is only 50 calories. It is a bit dry and bland by itself, which leads me to this recipe:

Low-Calorie Pizza

Make oat fiber bread according to this recipe from The Fruit of Her Hands. Slice bread in half and place on cookie sheet. Top with 1 tbsp sugar-free pizza sauce (see the recipe on this page). Spread evenly with one wedge Laughing Cow Cheese (if you can find it, the tomato basil flavor is an excellent choice). Sprinkle with about 2 tsp parmesan cheese (the kind in the can). Broil on high for 3-5 minutes until it begins to get brown and crispy.

That’s it. If you are eating Domino’s every day it may not taste impressive but it’s pretty good for only about 100 calories.

Doesn't look half bad, does it?

Doesn’t look half bad, does it?


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