Why Not Classical?

The elephant in the room here is classical education. It is what many Christian parents gravitate towards. The following posts look at classical education and explain why it may not be the best choice for reformed Christians.

Classical is a very broadly used term so I’ve got a number of posts on it. For help in sorting it all out, start with this post: Sorting Out Classical  and Characteristics of Classical Education

Posts critiquing classical education:

Why not Christian classical?

Hebraic vs Hellenistic Education (a video review)

Revisiting Hebraic vs Greek Education

Peter Ton Tackles Classical Education

A little relevant history: Book Review: Train Up a Child

And Bavinck’s History of Classical Ed:  On the History of Classical Education

A Little Developmental Psychology: Stages of Development in Classical and CM

Posts on various varieties of “classical” education:

Classical Education (aka democratic classicism; the Great Books movement)

Dorothy Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning” (the article which is said to have ignited the modern classical movement)

David Hicks’ Norms and Nobility, part 1 and part 2 (aka moralistic classicism)

James S. Taylor’s Poetic Knowledge 

Douglas Wilson’s Christian Classical

Veith and Kern on Classical Education

Clark and Jain’s The Liberal Arts Tradition part 1, part 2, and part 3

Alfred North Whitehead and Classical Education and Follow-Up (Whitehead is often quoted by classical educators but is not himself classical)